The Reikenha Clan (Spirit Blade Sect) is one of the greatest spirit Cultivation (Magic) clans in the the world, and the main location of the story.

Clan PositionsEdit

  • Clan Leader: The "Clan Leader" is at the top of the clan and possesses the most authority.
  • Clan Elder: An elder of the clan has the second highest authority. Only second to the "Clan Leader" and the other "Clan Elders".
  • Disciple: "Disciples" are recruited through tests prepared by the "Clan Elders". "Disciples" have the lowest amount of authority.
  • Inheriting Disciple: They are personally chosen by the "Clan Elders" to succeed their position and are ranked above ordinary "Disciples".

Clan MembersEdit

Clan EldersEdit

  • Iemoto (01st Clan Elder & Clan Leader)
  • Ryuken (02nd Clan Elder & Head Elder)
  • Hokaku (03rd Clan Elder)
  • Shumei (04th Clan Elder)
  • Oubu (05th Clan Elder)
  • Rikuri (06th Clan Elder)
  • Goukan (07th Clan Elder)
  • Kaun (09th Clan Elder)

Clan DisciplesEdit

Clan StaffEdit