Ouchuu is a disciple of the Reikenha Clan and he was Ouriku's servant


Ouchuu's first impression is that of a meek and secluded child, but later on he gives an impression of a cruel and sadistic nature. He is actually very narrow sighted and holds a grudge of jealousy towards Ouriku for being the most special and always standing in the spotlight. Ouchuu tends to show his meek/shy and childish nature, when in reality he un-loyal. He also tends to use other people in order to get what he wants, as shown when he used Ouriku to get into the trail and when he used the other candidates to get past the snow monster.


Ouchuu is a small young boy with blonde hair and green eyes. It is also been stated many times that he looks like a girl.



Worked as Ouriku’s servent for 10 years. During that time Ouchuu started to harbor a deep hatred and jealousy towards Ouriku.

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Ouriku was his master before the entrance trial of the Reikenha Clan.


  • In the anime he is voiced by Kobayashi Daiki.