Oubu is one of Reikanha Clan elders and the master of Ouriku.


She can be considered incredibly laid back and perverted. She also has a habit of trying to get more “salary” (extended life) by stealing then returning things of the Chief. Besides her acts, she can be seen as both cunning and powerful. This is seen as she was the one who designed the God’s Assembly test, but the test was glitched by Ouriku. Many elders of the counsel consider her to be the crazy black sheep of the group do to her weird and crazy tendencies.


She is a tall woman with purple hair, has a mark in the form of three red lines on her forehead and she always wears white robes with a yin-yang symbol.



Abilities & PowersEdit

As one of the elders of the clan she can be considered quite powerful.



Ouriku is her student in the clan and her lover later in series , they are married at the end of the series


  • In the anime she is voiced by Yamaguchi Yuriko.