Kaiunho is the second prince of the Untai Empire and a friend of Ouriku.


He is a kind young man. Kai is very observant when it comes to poeple’s problems, personalities, and relationships. He is shown to be loyal to his comrades when he pointed out that Ouchuu was untrustworthy to Ouriku. He trends to go out of his way to help people who are in need. And he also is quite perceptive of a person.


He is a young man who is very tall for his age and has long brown hair. He wears a long, loose sleeve robe with a short white top and green bottom. His cloths are accented with a light forest green. This is held up with a brown belt adorned with a gold lace.



Kaiunho tries to use the Vip Room but can not because he does not have the Associates Ticket. After Ouriku revealed that he had the ticket he decided to visit him later and ask how he got it. Ouriku reveals that he got it as a token of appreciation in helping an old man.

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Ouriku is he's friend and temporary companion during the Reikenha Clan entrance trails. He is the one to point out that Ouchuu is untrustworthy.


  • In the anime he is voiced by Nishida Masakazu.
  • He has been stated as gay.